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Pharmaceutical Software

Customized Software Solution

ITBD offers complete customized software solutions using proven development methodologies, for the Pharmaceutical domain. Our thorough understanding of the domain and the global regulatory guidelines help us deliver Quality and Regulated software solutions that meet your needs. Based on the requirements, the software applications are customize. 

Current ITBD's Pharmaceutical software in brief

1.11. Medical Rep, Doctors Management & Distribution Management System

Sales-Force automation specifically designed for Pharmaceutical



  • · Higher revenue – increased effectiveness of Reps
  • · Higher revenue – better Doctor Management
  • · Savings from reduced Sales Return and Expiry Return
  • · Faster strategic decision making – Faster Market Intelligence
Special Feature

The medical Rep can update his daily visit  log via SMS through Mobile phones.
This feature proves to be useful when Medical Rep is in a remote location or a rural area where internet access is not available.

Medical Rep and Doctors Management System
watch their performance graph grow!!
Watch your profits grow!!

2. Pharma ERP

Enterprise solution for Large & Medium Pharmaceutical companies

Specially designed with built-in (pharma) regulatory processes


  • · Automated GMP compliance
  • · Save cost – Inventory, Expired material
  • · Smooth inter-departmental flow of processes
  • · Better logistic support
  • · Can be integrated with existing Accounting Package (subject to technical

feasibility of the A/C package)

  • · Pharma-specific modules:

o Audit Trail

o Batch Manufacturing Record

o Validation documentation

3.   3. SOP Management System

For easy Creation, Management and Look-up of SOPs


  • · Helps in Regulatory Compliance
  • · Reduces non-conformance
  • · Built-in Work-Flow as per International regulatory standards
  • · Easier Audit