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Our servises

ITBD Group provide following services for Pharmaceutical Company:

1. Build a new plant (Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological & API) with construction and engineering consultancy

2. Facility design

3. Set up of Quality Systems

Product selection for regulated market (USA, Canada, UK, European countries, South American Countries & others)

5. Product development

6. Qualification and validation

7. Regulatory submission for US FDA, UK MHRA, EMEA and Health Canada: Organizing and coordinating the material, reviewing, compiling and submission  

8. Pre-approval inspection, US FDA & other regulatory bodies

9. Post approval activities

10. API Plant set up and other consultancy

11. Bioequivalence testing, laboratory set up and other consultancy

12. If your company files an ANDA, you will need to assign a US FDA Regulatory agent, we can provide that service for your company

13. Commercialization of pharmaceutical product in regulatory market: Through our network of 5,000 companies in 150 countries; we can help to find client company, marketing partners and importer in most countries like USA, Canada, United Kingdom, European countries, Latin American countries and others

14. Importing biotechnological and high tech products in Bangladesh:
We assist in dealing with local companies and foreign Biotechnological Companies and R&D-based Pharmaceutical Companies from the USA, United Kingdom and other European countries

15. Training: Offering training for business development, marketing, presentation skills, strategic planning skills, report writing skills, international supply chain and product development, documentation, GMP training and FDA regulatory training

16. Arrange contract manufacturing from USA, UK and European countries

17. API & all raw material sourcing from highly regulated market

18. Pharmaceutical software and consultancy