International Trade & Business Development Group
Your partners in global success
International Trade & Business Development Group offers trade & business development consulting services, including export, import, marketing, distribution regulatory affairs solutions.

We assist companies from developing countries seeking expansion into markets in developed countries, and/or seeking importation opportunities, technological transfer from developed country, and vice versa. ITBD Group also assists foreign companies who seek to enter the U.S., Canadian, Bangladeshi and other market(s).

Our service operates in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, some middle Eastern countries, Bangladesh, as well as other countries in Asia and Africa. Bangladesh is our focus country and pharmaceutical is our key industry.

We facilitate the export of Bangladeshi products abroad and help foreign biotechnological and R&D based pharmaceutical companies to enter the Bangladesh market. We have connections with companies who wish to export their products to Bangladesh and transfer technology in order to manufacture biotechnological products in Bangladesh.

We connect international businesses to Bangladesh, helping them to find the right partner(s) and assist Bangladeshi business to enter global markets to increase profits and to grow their operations.

We open up direct access to expert and experienced professionals (pharmaceutical, business, marketing, regulatory, legal and others), who advise and guide our overseas client companies through every aspect of locating and conducting business in Bangladesh, Canada, U.S.A. and other global markets.